Welcome to the story of how Curry with Love began. Sit back, relax and know that your weekly Curry Fix, is now safely in our hands. My name s Clare, I am the brains behind our foodie venture, so that means that Carol (my mum) must be the beauty.

After leaving school, I trained in the area of Art and Design, with a particular fondness for Packaging. Long story short, I didn't pursue this avenue, and instead opted to join the Police Force! It was something my boyfriend at the time told me I couldn't do, so to prove him wrong...yep, 11 years of my life went by and I found myself working as a Detective in Child Protection. It was a difficult yet rewarding career, but to be honest, not at all what I actually wanted to do.

So when I'm lost in life, I go to those who I love and trust the most, my family. My dad had been a market trader for 30 odd years. I had always helped him out on the markets, but I wanted to create and sell something of my own. I needed to be passionate about what I was selling. The only thing I really had a healthy interest in was food. I loved to cook for anyone and everyone, I still do. My quest began...

I was (and still am), going through a particular phase of Indian cookery, I spent many, many hours creating a Curry that would be devoured by others in minutes. I quickly realised that the very task of assembling a Curry, was the very reason most people choose to opt for a jar instead.

Being someone who has always been brought up to lead a healthy lifestyle, I needed to create something that was authentic yet healthy. I wanted our Curry Kits to be totally transparent. I wanted people to buy with confidence. For them to know that only the best ingredients had been used. That there was nothing in our kits you wouldn't or couldn't find in a well stocked kitchen cupboard.

I figured this venture was a 2 woman job, and so persuaded my mum that she would love to help out her lovely daughter! Mum and I invested £200 of my husband's money on spices and a few grip seal bags. Using my dads computer and printer, as well as the promise of half of his market stall to sell our wares, we set about creating some Curry!

The beginning phase of our journey was market research, this meant we ate a lot of other people's curry. Some were good, some not so good, but with many other Curry Kits available on the market, we needed to find our Unique Selling Point. Alongside the healthy aspect route, we also wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to make a Curry at home. We wanted them to have no excuse to grab one of 'those jars' instead.

For me, chopping an onion is one of the worst jobs in the kitchen. I feel the affects from it hours after it's made me cry, so that was something we wanted to fix. After trying lots of different methods, we found that by using dehydrated onions and garlic, it not only solved the problem, but was a healthy addition and extremely tasty.

Then the fun began...we spent many moons researching, trailing and testing our initial range of Curry Kits. Our family, friends and neighbours were quids in though. They got to sample, rate and feedback on our dishes. Once we were all happy with our initial range of 8 Curry Kits, it was time for the launch. All of our products are completely hand made (except for the bags!). Mum and I have spent such a long time getting this up and running and I know that one day our hard work will pay off.

Over the next few years, we continued to grow our range of products. Until in the end we had over 20 different dishes. Our brand had grown so much by word of mouth, that we were shipping worldwide. We managed to get our products into some fantastic local shops and the internet side of the business was steadily growing.
With all this in mind, we rapidly outgrew our homes, in which we were working from.
In December 2016, and opportunity came up to lease a shop in the village of Ixworth. This is where our business is now run from. It's lovely to have 1 space solely dedicated to what we love...Making Curry!

Mum and I went to India in 2017 to source some extra goodies for our shop. We found a project in Rajasthan that was set up to help empower women. We sourced some beautiful items from there, and from other fair trade suppliers.
We stock an amazing range of copper ware. The quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. If you happen to be passing, please pop in and take a look at what we do.
Due to public demand, we now offer a range of fresh takeaway curries each Friday and Saturday too. The menu can be found on our website.