Mum and I can not print, cut and fold one more label, before stuffing them into the bags and sealing those awful grips airtight. I feel like I have the hands of an 80 year old! Time for a rebrand I think!

It's 3 years on and clearly you are loving what we are producing here in the Curry with Love Hub. So before I tell you about the rebrand, let me say a massive THANK YOU to all of our lovely customers, who have supported us in our journey so far. Business is good and definitely going in the right direction. So what better time to spend some money on a rebrand.

Lots of feedback from those who have received our Curry Kits as gifts say they all loved the product, but didn't know who made it or where they could get more. Fair comment. Mum and I spend so many hours making the kits, we got caught up in the production more than brand awareness. My old website looked ok and seemed to work alright, but I knew we could do better.

Let the creative fun commence!

Luckily, my lovely cousin Taylor is a big computer buff, he also has a very creative mind and an eye for detail.
Our brief was quite simple really...
Mum and I thought it was important to keep the transparency of our product. So many times you buy something beautifully boxed in a shop, only to get it home and find that it's a total waste of packaging, and the contents would have fitted into a box a third of its size! Keeping our packaging simple not only helps our cost, but is great for the environment too.
With our Curry Kits, what you see, is what you get!

We wanted a brand that wouldn't date. Something that reflected warmth and family too.
We wanted people to look at our kits and want to give them to others as gifts.
The colours of the spices in the Curry Kits are so natural and beautiful, that we didn't want the packaging to overshadow the product itself.
We also needed to clearly reflect who we are and what we are all about. With a clear direction of what Mum and I wanted to achieve, Taylor set to work.

Curry with Love brings you a brand new look
(aren't we posh)!

Personally I love it. I think it sums up who we are and what we do beautifully. I love the way the ingredients can be seen in their raw state. I love the way the hand-blended spices look like one of those sand art pictures you get at the seaside. I love the vibrancy of the whole spices as they sit along the onions and garlic. All of this topped with a lovingly designed, yet environmentally sound header card.
With the brand spilling its way over onto a swanky new website (also thanks to Taylor), I feel very proud at what we have achieved.

As a family, we all work very hard to make our business work. From my 85 year old grandad, who sticks 1 and 2 labels on our bags, to my cousin Taylor who sorts the IT / Design, to my Dad, who still lets me use his market stall to trade from, to my husband who tells me to stop working and go to bed!
Mum and I could not have done this without continued support of those who love and believe in us. We hope you love the new look and that you will continue to spread our name to others.