Curry with Love is a mother & daughter creation.

I remember clearly as a little girl, spending hours in the kitchen, cooking with my mum.

It was here that I learned the importance of cooking from scratch.

Not only was it healthy and tasty, but it was the love that went into making the dish, that made it so special!

So naturally, in 2011 when I fancied a career change, my mum was the first person I went to for inspiration,

and together ‘Curry with Love’ was created.

Why curry? It’s simple ... We both have a real passion for it.

We love the ground spices that can be handblended to create unique flavours, the whole spices that are added to ensure depth of flavour and best of all ... The smell of those aromatic spices bubbling away on the stove is hard to beat. We knew that making an authentic curry from scratch could take hours and we knew there must be an easier way.

So we set about trying to create a unique curry kit and after many, many hours in the Curry with Love kitchen, I think we cracked it!