The past 12 months have been extremely difficult for our family. December 3rd is my mums birthday, and has always been a day of celebration.
However, on Dec 3rd 2015, all that changed.
Dec 3rd 2015, was the day my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He was with us just 1 more month before he passed away.

Both mum and I had promised my dad that we would look after each other, and take the business as far as we could in order to support each other financially.
My dad's death meant that we had to pull together as a family. My sister 'Amy' had always helped us out when we needed an extra pair of hands, but as the year went on and the business grew, Amy was welcomed into the business as an official member of staff.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Amy for all her hard work and dedication over the past year. We could not have grown the business without her.
As the year has progressed, we realised that in order to grow our business, we needed a formal base.
Working from home is fine, but we have rapidly outgrown the possibility of this.

After much searching in and around the Bury St. Edmunds area, we found our perfect location.
21 High Street, Ixworth was once a post office, and before that a bakery. This premises offered us the opportunity to not only produce the Curry Kits, we so lovingly make, but also to sell our kits from the retail space at the front of the shop.
Ixworth is a thriving village and so far, the welcome we have received has been amazing.

Mum and I, with the help of other family members, have worked hard over the past 2 months to refurbish the shop to fit our needs.

We were not really sure when would be a good day to open the shop, but we knew we wanted to be trading in time for Christmas. So after a heartfelt conversation,
Mum decided that she would like to give Dec 3rd a positive meaning once again.

Dec 3rd will be the day we open our 1st shop to the public.

This day went from being one of celebration, to one of sorrow. We will never forget the sadness we felt on this day in 2015, but this year, we celebrate, not just our new venture and the growth of the business, not just Mum's birthday either. But we celebrate 'Johnny Dolla' (my dad) too. We celebrate his life and his death.